Climber Interview

We've put together SuperBeta to help you get climbing outdoors quickly, safely, and more often. SuperBeta will be a comprehensive outdoor climbing guide & interactive community for rock climbers. The features we're developing so far include:

  • photo-rich and up-to-date content on local climbs contributed by actual climbers
  • an interface that promotes sharing feedback with fellow climbers
  • accurate GPS-based location maps for climbing spots to see what's currently nearby
  • approach directions from parking to the actual rock
  • downloadable content for out of network areas
  • information on the current state of a climbing area
  • a personal note-taking system for your projects
  • a simple way to track personal data (e.g., your list of sends, projects, & favorites)

However, this is just our dream list. We want to find out what you want to see in SuperBeta, and how you would use it!

While we'd prefer to chat with you in person or over the internets, we totally understand if you're schedule is already packed. If you can, please fill out as much or as little as you can of the form below — we'd really appreciate it!