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Fill out as much of the form as you can for each area. Thanks for contributing! We'll be recording a list of everyone to acknowledge on SuperBeta. You're also on our list of awesome climbers, right up there with Alex & Ashima!

If you have photos to share, email them to us at

Some of the areas we've recorded thus far are listed below, but feel free to add more in case there's something we may have missed:

  • Indian Rock — Berkeley, CA
  • Vacaville Boulders — Vacaville, CA
  • Ring Mountain — Tiburon, CA
  • Owens River Gorge — Bishop, CA
  • Kraft Boulders — Las Vegas, NV
  • Nuuanu Boulders — Honolulu, HI

If you think we're missing something on this form, please let us know.

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